Library Beds
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Library Beds


Beautifully crafted cabinets slide to disguise a hidden foldable bed. Cranborne is the perfect solution to make your home adaptable to different requirements and become truly multi-functional.


Made from the finest quality materials with scope for you to personalise to suit your home and your needs, perfectly.

Price on request


The beauty is the simplicity and lack of disruption, both in installation and use.

FOLDR’s concept works fantastically well to achieve a completely flexible space that is office for most of the time, but able to simply change to additional bed space when the family (are allowed to) visit.

We simply slide open the built-in storage; fold down the bed and there we have it. A couple of minutes, no hassle, no mess, no problem. And in the morning, it folds back neatly against the wall and we slide the office shelves back in place ready for the business of the day, and no one would know there is a hidden bed. Brilliant!



Would 100% recommend to anyone looking for a better working-from-home solution!

Previously my house didn’t have an appropriately sized area to work from, which made working from home difficult. Foldr has changed all that, and now I have a sizeable workstation to work from that folds away simply and neatly back into the wall. Foldr has been absolutely revolutionary in allowing me to work from home!



My new home office has completely revolutionised my day-to-day life.

Having been working from home for the past nine months, being able to have a dedicated space to do so has not only allowed me to achieve greater focus, but also to literally shut the door on work at the end of the day.


FOLDR have taken a small, unused space and made it one of the most important areas in the house! And it’s gorgeous too!”



My new Foldr is brilliant!

I can work happily from home without it taking up too much space which is exactly what I needed as I live in a central London flat.


The team were also a delight to work with!